Robyn Carey

Robyn Carey

Robyn Carey

Title Brutal Recollection

Medium Acrylic

Material Artist Panel

Size 60 x 80 x 4 cm

Year 2022

Artist Statement It's a piece remembering my love for Dublin's Central Bank Building and brutalist architecture,. which formed the basis of my NCAD textile design degree collection in 2015. I chose This because this body of work was probably the first time I considered myself an artist, and also the first time I found my own style as an artist. Although It's always evolving, my work still comes back to this first starting point. Texture, geometric shapes, pattern, a sense of movement and abstracting the world around you combined with your thoughts and feelings. I wanted to revisit this work now as a painter, and give a sense of a dream like memory, looking back to that experience and how it affected the way I think, create and make work. My memory, in general of this time and most memories is a little hazy and askew, there are always very strong visuals and feelings but the timeline and some details are often missing or imperfect. I wanted to bring that across in the painting and the title is in direct reference to this also.

Artist Bio Robyn Carey is contemporary visual artist working primarily in painting and printmaking, often combining the two mediums. Her practice aims to comprehend the perceived maximalism of thought, emotion and observance that fabricates our experience of reality. Her abstracted works occupy spaces that lie between tangible experiences and visceral sensations. She is experimentation and process driven, with her artistic development revolving around invented texture as a visual language of expression.

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