The Hang Tough Open Call Instagram Competition 2022

Prizes and Awards

  • 3 artists will be chosen for solo exhibitions in 2023, taking place in our beautiful city centre gallery Hang Tough Contemporary on Exchequer St. Dublin
  • 1 Artist will be selected for the Hang Tough Artist Sustenance Award 2022
  • 50 artists, to include the 3 solo show winners and the Sustenance Award Winner, will be awarded a print publishing contract with Hang Tough Editions to launch a print at our dynamic annual ‘Winter Print Show’, December 2022.

How To Enter

  • Include the hashtag #hangtoughopencall in the caption of your new Instagram submission post, and tag @hangtoughcontemporary – it’s as simple as that, but make sure your instagram account is public, otherwise your submission won’t be received!
  • Entrants must be following our @hangtoughcontemporary instagram account for consideration
  • This is an Instagram-based competition only, open to all artists based in Ireland, the UK, and Europe

Time Line

  • The submission window opens on Friday August 26th, and closes on Sunday 25th of September (2022) @ 8pm GMT. Any submissions outside this window or on a platform other than Instagram will not be considered
  • Artist selection announcement will take place on Friday 30th of September 2022
  • Artists must be available to sign at our Lennox St. studio or be available to receive crates to sign at their own studio (International artists) between 17th-28th of October.
  • Hang Tough Contemporary’s ‘Winter Group Show’ will take place on December 1st 2022
  • The Solo exhibitions will be scheduled for launch in 2023


  1. Each entrant of the Hang Tough ‘Open Call’ may submit an unlimited amount of times, but only brand new tagged instagram posts will be considered
  2. There is no charge for submissions
  3. Entrants must do the following for their submission to be eligible:
    1. Hashtag their posts using #hangtoughopencall
    2. Tag @hangtoughcontemporary in your post
    3. Follow @hangtoughcontemporary on Instagram (this ensures we can contact you if necessary)
  4. The ‘Open Call’ is open to all forms of visual art, including (but not limited to) prints, photography, painting, mixed media, sketching, digital artwork.
  5. We will be sharing our favourite submissions throughout the competition via our social media channels
  6. Submissions will be selected by the Hang Tough Panel which includes industry professionals at the forefront of the visual arts in Ireland
  7. Our ‘Winter Group Show’ will be a print show only, with 50 selected artists publishing exclusive prints through Hang Tough Editions.
  8. The 3 winners of the solo exhibitions will be asked to create a body of original, previously un-exhibited work, created exclusively for their Hang Tough Contemporary exhibition


Who is Hang Tough?

Now in its twelfth year, Hang Tough Studio have established themselves as experts in bespoke, archival framing in Ireland, as well as being exhibitors of unique and innovative artwork. These distinctive exhibitions and print releases were previously under the moniker of ‘Hang Tough’, however 2021 marked the emergence of Hang Tough Contemporary and Hang Tough Editions, which have quickly become exciting staples on the Irish arts scene. This organic expansion has come about as a reaction both to the abundance of exciting creativity and talent around us, along with a recognition of the pent-up appetite among the public for cultural engagement.

The ethos behind Hang Tough Contemporary and Hang Tough Editions is to make unique, unparalleled artistic talent readily available to a discerning and engaged audience. We aim to provide a platform for visual artists, while simultaneously accommodating an experience where art can be appreciated and enjoyed in vibrant, accessible settings. With this in mind, we are facilitating this open call competition to offer artists, art and galleries well needed nourishment. We hope this competition will inspire not just the selected artists but all artists to be involved in contributing to contemporary art in Ireland.


Who can enter?

Visual artists based in Ireland, Northern Ireland, The UK, and Europe, practising in 2D media


What does it cost to enter?

Nothing, tada, nada, rien, niente, nichts


How many artworks can I submit?

As many as you like! Each time you enter make sure to ‘#’ and ‘@’ us, as per the competition guidelines, and only brand new posts will be considered


What size artwork can I submit?

Our Exchequer St. gallery is modest in size so we will be selecting artists who can work in small to medium scale with the largest artworks being 250x250cm in width, length or both. There is no limit to how small artist submissions are.


Does my submission have to be available to hand?

No, the ‘Winter Group Show’ is a print show, so if selected we only need a high resolution image of your work if selected for the final exhibition. A high resolution artwork capture must be a large .JPEG .TIFF .PDF .EPS .RAW file. If the image capture of your submission is not suitable for print or if your artwork is unavailable for correct image capture, we will select another one of your artworks from your IG feed or from your portfolio. The winners of the solo exhibitions will be invited to create original works, exclusively for their show with us.


Can you explain the prizes to me in more detail?

There are 51 prizes up for grabs. Three successful artists will be awarded fully-funded solo exhibitions in 2023 at our Dublin-based city centre gallery, Hang Tough Contemporary on Exchequer Street (Dublin 2). As well as this, they will receive a print publishing award to produce an exclusive print run for the Hang Tough Contemporary ‘Winter Print Show’ in December 2022 along with 47 other selected print artists

One other successful artist from the 50 winners will receive a cash award donated directly to the artist to help continue and encourage their practice. This artist will also receive a print publishing award to produce a print run for the ‘Hang Tough Contemporary Winter Print Show’ in 2022


Fully-funded, what does that mean?

We cover all costs for the selected exhibiting artists, to include; exhibition logistics, production, framing, installation, marketing, and advertising. This does not include artist material costs, travel, or accommodation for the artist at any stage.


Ok, what are the commission terms for the solo exhibitions?

The commission split is 50/50% on all original artworks after sales tax. Pricing range of original works are discussed between the artist and the gallery. 

If a print release is launched as part of the artist’s solo exhibition, the split on this is also 50/50% after sales tax and production costs (printing, delivery for signing) for the print edition.


Will these prints be for sale?

Yes prints will be produced, published and made available through Hang Tough Editions on our gallery website for sale. Framed and unframed prints will be available for shipping both nationally and internationally. Price range of prints will be between €100-€200 per print and the edition size will range from 30-50 prints.


What is the commission split on the prints for ‘Hang Tough Contemporary Winter Print Show’?

50/50% after print costs, sales tax, crating, shipping and handling of prints to be signed.


Will the prints be signed?

Absolutely. We do not sell non-editioned or unsigned prints. All prints will be editioned and signed by the artist and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. We will facilitate the shipping and handling of your edition for you to sign and return in time for our Hang Tough Contemporary ‘Winter Print Show’. You must be available to receive your crate of prints for signing and facilitate the timely return of this crate.


What is the print editioning process?

If your print is selected for our print show, you will be required to send us a high resolution file of your artwork. If this file is not appropriate for print, we will ask you to provide an alternative file for your selected artwork or an alternative artwork chosen from you Instagram feed or portfolio of available works. If we cannot find a suitable file for any artwork then your selection will be offered to someone else. This will ensure the highest quality reproduction of artworks for artist print runs. All prints will be produced with archival pigment inks (Gicleé) on acid free fine art paper. We will be in constant contact with the selected artists regarding production and reproduction of their works. A contract will be made available for selected artists stating our terms and conditions, commissions, exclusivity, and use.


What is the story with the ‘Hang Tough’s Artist Sustenance Award 2022’?

This is a €2,000 cash award paid directly to the artist to help continue and encourage their practice which is transferred directly into the artist’s bank account. This artist will also receive a print publishing award to produce one print each for the ‘Hang Tough Contemporary Winter Print Show’ in 2021


Hmm, sounds amazing, what does it cost again?

Nothing, tada, nada, rien, niente, nichts


Can we submit previously shown works or older works?

Yes, of course, but your Instagram posts need to be brand new posts and you must have access to a high resolution capture of your submissions. Tagging older posts will not be considered


I don’t have or use Instagram, can I still submit?

This competition is only open to non-private Instagram users and account holders only. We will not accept email submissions or any other form of submission entry. The Open call is the main route for new collaborations with our gallery


Why Instagram?

This is an Instagram competition and all submissions will be shared on our Instagram page, @hangtoughcontemporary throughout and beyond our submission window. It is our way of sharing all of your work with our followers


When is the deadline for submission?

Submissions open on Friday 26th of August 2022 and close on Sunday 25th of September @ 8pm (4 weeks). Any submissions outside this submission window will not be counted


What type of artist can enter?

All visual artists who are practising and producing works within a 2D format. Sculptures and installations will not be eligible for prizes


Can you submit from a private Instagram account?

No, because the posts would not be visible to us and we will not be able to share on our social media feed


Can’t I just send you the images as a private message?

Private message submissions will not be accepted as this is a public competition and posts must be visible to all.


When will I be notified if selected as a solo show winner or selected as part of the Hang Tough Contemporary Group Show?

We will contact the successful artists by Friday 7th of October (2022)


Anything else I should know?

Yes, after your submission we will send you an Instagram DM with our ‘OPEN CALL ARTIST DETAILS 2022 FORM’ to collect your contact information. This must be filled out in order to be eligible for our prizes.