Artist Talk With James Earley

Lennox Street, Oct 29 2019 —Oct 29 2019

The Hang Tough Gallery is delighted to present an artist talk with Vanessa Power, Signs of Power, to coincide with Threesome, her first solo exhibition in the Gallery.

Vanessa Power has honed her craft of sign writing and has seen much success having produced signage for the likes of Guinness Storehouse and The Abbey Theatre. Power has also expanded beyond the storefront and into the streets and the studio. Her sharp touch and artful eye have helped develop her passion for typography into commercial success, producing murals and exhibiting original artworks across Dublin, London, Belfast and Chicago.

Threesome is the current exhibition in the gallery and features 10 new original artworks by Signs of Power. Given her background as a sign writer, the exhibition highlights unique and unrivalled handcrafted and painted artworks, all of which showcase her beautifully rendered typography. Each work comprises of a three lettered word rendered in materials such as gold leaf, mother of pearl and iridescent glitter. These words as well as the works as a whole showcases the technical might of Signs of Power, coupled with her vibrant spirit and sense of humour.

The talk will be chaired by artist James Earley. Coming from a background in graphic design and graffiti, James sought to incorporate his family’s rich heritage of Irish stained glass into his artwork. This led James to produce large scale murals and original artwork in his unique style of deconstructed stained glass. James is an artist who successfully transitioned from the street to the studio and now produces unique works of stained glass and perspex.