Hanneke Van Ryswyk

Oct 14—Oct 30 2022

Voyage' explores the natural world; its vulnerability, its beauty and the effects of extreme weather on both the land and the sea - captivating the viewer. Drawn in close by the stunning composition of the works, the turmoil and tranquillity within the scenes quickly becomes apparent. In contrast to the devastating effects of erosion on the land, seen throughout many breathtaking pieces in this new body of work, Van Ryswyk builds up her compositions layer-upon-layer.

Hanneke Van Ryswyk paints imagined lands and seas with an abstracted aesthetic and sensitivity, working in a series of layers that respond to each elements as they evolve. Her mysterious and alluring paintings are abstract explorations of the effect of weather and climate change on the surface of the earth. ‘Voyage’ transports the viewer into the volatile and stunningly beautiful landscapes and seascapes conceived by the artist.

Exhibited Works

Exhibition Video

By Niko Salvino