The Human Child
Bríd Higgins Ní Chinnéide

May 1—May 17 2020

Brid pays special attention to the craft and tradition of painting. She is concerned with exploring the physical properties of the medium as well as using it to create clear images that evoke an emotional response in the viewer.

In this exhibition, Brid’s take on childhood draws attention to the self-possession and sense of purpose embodied in children. She questions the fear and foreboding that the adult’s gaze brings to images of childhood. The children here are individuals, but they also draw attention to the inevitable passage of time and uncertainty for the future.

The titles of the exhibition and of many of the paintings have been drawn from a collection of verse for children by W.B. Yeats. The poet represents childhood with romanticism and mystery; the reader knows that these qualities cannot endure.

Exhibited Works