One Hand Clapping
Katarzyna Gajewska

Mar 23—Apr 9 2023

Katarzyna Gajewska is a Polish artist (b.1978) living and practising in Warsaw, Poland. Gajewska has exhibited her work extensively both in Ireland and internationally over the past number of years, including over twenty solo shows. Her work is featured in private collections across Ireland, England, Germany, the United States and Switzerland. Gajewska graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw with a BA in Fine Art in 2003 and subsequently with an MA in Fine art in 2005 from the same institution. She was awarded four residencies with Cill Rialaig Project Co. Kerry between 2005 - 2009.

Gajewska chooses not to use traditional painting tools but instead paints exclusively with her hands, so as to maintain a closeness to her work; “I could say that my art is a first hand emotion —and that’s why I am painting only with my hands. It allows me to make close ups much deeper than they really are.”

The artist describes her painting process as being “something between [her] dreams and documentation” and stylistically being “situated somewhere in the middle - not realistic and not abstract”. Through her artworks, she aims to produce permanent records of fleeting sensations through her work which creates tension between the forces of creation and destruction.

Gajewska’s portraits are her form of communication - no subject is sacred. The role of provocative feelings, persuasion, as well as the human impulse to beautify compels [her] works of art.