Percept / Logos
Colm Mac Athlaoich

Aug 12—Aug 29 2021

The exhibition ‘Percept/Logos’ takes its source from Press photography of the Israeli Palestine conflict. ‘Percept’ (the sensory impression of an object), ‘Logos’ (appeal to logic) tries to find a way to question notions of neutrality and ambiguity when dealing with the subject of war. While remaining sensitive to the subject, an attempt is made to extract the materiality of war from these images. Equally the relationship between photography and painting is brought into question by considering critical positioning and appropriation. The images go through a process of drawing studies to isolate the construction of the composition, the finished works then become abstract collages of these elements.

Exhibited Works

Exhibition Video | Launch Event

By Niko Salvino

Exhibition Video | Artist Statement

By Niko Salvino