Idle Topography
Linda Brownlee

Sep 12—Sep 29 2019

The Hang Tough Gallery is delighted to present Idle Topography, Linda Brownlee’s first solo exhibition in the gallery.

Taking her transitions between North Dublin’s suburbs and inner city as the subject matter for this ongoing body of work, Brownlee highlights the aesthetic promise in the everyday. Her work delicately explores the intricate energy of the people and places onto which she stumbles. Gently unraveling visual spaces into select abstracted images, she attempts to organise and disorganise her surroundings.

The primary impulse behind this series of wanderings was a desire to confront, connect, orientate and occupy. Engaging in close studies, she moves and follows the aesthetic contours of the environment, her images amplifying the minutiae of found textures and patterns.

Topography in this case refers to the arrangement of the natural and artificial physical features of an area, and on this occasion considered through a uniquely female lens. Brownlee collaborated with designer Claire Huss on a concertina which will accompany this exhibition.

Exhibited Works