Holding Space
Claire Prouvost

May 5—May 22 2022

Hang Tough Contemporary is delighted to announce ‘Holding Space’, an exciting collection of beautiful new paintings from Claire Prouvost. ‘Holding Space’ features seventeen vibrant paintings to include works on canvas, plywood and a very special exhibition print release. This collection of paintings is a celebration of the way we exist in our environment while embodied in human form.

Through a playful interaction between shapes and colours, Claire explores the complexity of relationships and human interactions, telling stories through deconstructed figures, intuitive lines and expressive colourful shapes. She explores the multiplicity of facets that compose us by creating collaged characters made of interacting abstract shapes, in a playful and colourful representation of memories, stories and emotions. Her bright coloured, bold and minimal style celebrates diversity, the female form and is inspired by feelings and everyday life.

This series of recent work is a reflection on the balancing act between staying in tune with both the feelings of others and one’s own feelings — during the unpredictable twists and turns of human interactions.

Exhibited Works

Exhibition Video | Launch Event

by Niko Salvino