Dublin Streets
Lorcan Finnegan

Sep 1—Sep 18 2022

‘Dublin Streets’, Lorcan Finnegan’s first solo show in Ireland, features a collection of candid portraits and street scenes taken in Dublin between 2012 and 2022. Hang Tough Contemporary are also delighted to announce the publication of Lorcan Finnegan’s new photo book ‘Dublin Streets’. The launch of this new publication will coincide with the exhibition of the same title at our Exchequer Street gallery. Lorcan’s photographs strive to capture what feels quintessentially Dublin to him, a colourful archive of Dublin life and characters on the streets of the city. The images represent the energy, chaos, loneliness and camaraderie found on our streets.

'Dublin Streets’, an ongoing project, was born out of Lorcan’s love for the mini dramas he witnessed unfolding on our streets and the incredible Dublin characters who star in them. The collection of images were taken as Lorcan wandered through the city, with no plan or agenda, capturing candid moments that interested him. This body of work represents a raw and brutally honest portrait of Dublin City with a touch of humour that conveys the charm and personality of the melting pot that are the streets of Dublin.

Exhibited Works

Exhibition Video | Launch Event

By Niko Salvino