Neil Dunne

Neil Dunne’s practice is a fundamental exploration of printmaking and paint, his work delves into the processes and records the interactions and effects they have on one another. Using urban space as a point of research, his work creates tension among processes to engage with the ideologies, materiality and visual language presented in the built environment. Dunne’s style of painting evolved from practical research and studies of urban space, his techniques expand on urban semiotics and the sub-cultural movements of graffiti. His paintings delve into the fabric of our cities exploring buffed graffiti, political slogans and obscure remnants of buildings. His highly abstracted style, at times, incorporates more representational features that develop from a series of studies and experiences. The expressionist brush strokes and use of spraypaint produce a very distinct visual language and the introduction of silkscreen imagery relates to the repetitive nature of the medium. Dunne’s more recent body of work uses the motif alongside his matured style and his constant nod to street culture is a joining thread throughout his practice.


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