Claire Prouvost

Claire Prouvost is a French illustrator, painter, graphic designer and street artist based in Dublin, Ireland.

Prouvost is a French, multi-disciplinary artist living in Dublin. Her colourful, bold and minimal style is inspired by the cubist art movement. She loves to diversify her practice and work on a variety of mediums, from digital illustration, acrylic painting to large-scale murals and street art. She likes to explore the complexity of relationships and human interactions, telling stories through deconstructed figures, intuitive lines and expressive colourful shapes. Her art is celebrating diversity, inspired by feelings and everyday life.

Known for her drawings of charismatic women in a bold, pop and minimalist style, Prouvost has worked with the likes of Gucci, Lavazza, Penguin Vintage, and Becks. She draws inspiration from fashion photos from the 1970s imbued with lightness and primary colours, alongside hints of Picasso and Gauguin.

Represented by Monica Velours in Paris, Claire is originally from Lille and always loved to draw. But it wasn't until she discovered an exciting challenge on social media that she realised she wanted to become an illustrator.

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