Aches is an Irish artist, born in 1992. After painting and drawing everyday as a child, he started to paint graffiti at the age of 15. He studied Visual Communications at NCAD in Dublin and received his B.Des. in 2015. Using the knowledge and skills he had learned there, he began to incorporate them into his Graffiti pieces.

Aches' work focuses on the additive and subtractive colour theories. Using overlapping colours of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Red, Green and Blue he creates a sense of movement, dynamism and optical illusions. After experimenting with these theories within his graffiti pieces, he started to incorporate these ideas into his murals and studio work, painting portraiture and figurative work in this style. These design choices have been directly impacted by the digital software he uses, creating a more graphic and modern aesthetic to classic figurative painting. Over a decade of painting outdoors, led Aches’ artistic practice to be shared in equal balance between contemporary murals and studio work.


Available Works